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A Word

From Our Founder

Welcome! Thank you for visiting NHND Prep online presence! NHND Prep is a perfect illustration of the power of the Almighty God!  Inspired 

by a strong desire to not only help students succeed academically, but to help students become champions for life,  NHND Prep pledges to be a positive difference in the lives of students, their families, and the community; to be a world class school that focuses on the needs and interests of individuals that create  a masterpiece collectively; to partner with parents in nurturing leaders, thinkers, believers, and doers; to be an example of Christ operating in His excellence. 

NHND Prep students receive a first-class education in a safe and supportive environment, as our devoted teachers and staff understand the power of service.  As a result, confidence, character, determination, and respect are reflected in our students. 

As we embark on a new phase, I look forward to being a witness to the greatness that lies ahead in our students, our families, and our community!

– Jamie W. Mann. M.Ed.

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