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Registration Fees:

$250 (Due at registration)

Matriculation – $400 (Covers books, technology, and testing) Due June 16 or upon acceptance

Annual Tuition:

PreK-2nd: $5,000.00

3rd-5th Grades: $5,500.00

Middle School Grades 6-8: $6,000.00                                  Payment Portal

High School Grades 9-12: $6,500.00                                   Praxi App

Admissions Procedure                        Now Enrolling for 2023-2024


Please be sure to have all of the items listed below in order to ensure an expedient acceptance process.

  1. Complete and Submit the Application Form with $250 Application & Registration Fee. Once you are convinced that NHND is where your family should be, complete the application (one per child), include the family application fee, and return it to NHND. Upon receipt, your application will be stamped with the date and time received. This date will be used, if necessary, to determine order of admission in the event of class closure related to space availability.

  2. Attend a Parent Information Meeting. This meeting is required so parents fully understand the expectations of their involvement in the education of their child at NHND. Parental involvement is mandatory. 

  3. References. An admission committee member will begin processing the student and family references.

  4. Testing and Evaluation Placement testing is required for all new students in grades nine through twelve. The tests determine the appropriate grade level of your child’s Math and English skills in relation to our curriculum. New students to NHND should score in the 75th percentile or higher on NHND’s entrance exams; students scoring below the 75th percentile will be placed on academic probation and monitored by administration during each grading term period.

  5. Family Interview. Each family applying for admission will be contacted to schedule an interview in order to confirm that NHND is the best education option for your child, ensuring that your family and student will fit the NHND model. This meeting also enables us to personally answer any questions about NHND. Members of the admissions committee conduct this interview.

  6. Letter of Acceptance. After the family interview, you will receive a letter informing you of the committee’s decision. Once accepted, the student may register for classes and pay $400 in matriculation fees (Books and other materials each student needs for school). 

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